September 2, 2016

New sourcing hubs in an ever changing market

The emergence of new Sourcing Hubs all over the globe.

The emergence of new Sourcing Hubs all over the globe.

The last couple of years has seen the emergence of new sourcing hubs all over the globe. A great example of this would be the country of Myanmar. Over the years as it’s political climate has changed, Myanmar has re-opened it’s doors to major markets such as the US. As well as¬†attracting interest from regional textile players keen to set up operations and benefit from a large yet low cost labour force.

Asia has long occupied the textile and apparel sourcing space but we are seeing an increasing trend towards alternative supply sources as a result of relatively recent reportage of labour conditions and manufacturing practices. Africa as a region also enjoys a great variety of traditions which are emblematic of unique textile styles and this differentiation provides opportunities for high end fabrics and products to secure themselves in an ever-changing market.

The value-add ethos seems to be a catch-cry of many established textile suppliers across Asia as labour cost benefits erode, and functional and technical textiles are a major growth area.

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