neale oconnor_3DR NEALE O’CONNOR
Associate Professor, School of Business
Hong Kong Baptist University (Hong Kong)


Wednesday 16 November 2016
How to De-Risk Selecting Your Production Partner in China

Discover ways of assessing factory quality and capability before engaging them and the challenges in finding factories for prototyping and tweaking products.This interactive seminar will include videos of good and bad factories.

Dr Neale G O’Connor is Associate Professor of Accounting at Hong Kong Baptist University and Managing Director of Ricebox Ltd, a China risk management consulting company based in Hong Kong.

His speaking engagements and executive programs are in demand from international and mainland China managers. Neale has spent 18 years in Hong Kong where he researches the modernization processes of Chinese firms, examining issues such as performance measurement, order qualification and innovation. His ‘China 1000′ project is the largest ever survey of operational risk issues for foreign buyers and Chinese suppliers. He has worked in the Petroleum and Insurance industries as well as in Accountancy.

He is a Cofounder of China Sourcing Academy, a complete training system for professional buyers seeking to source from China and is the founder of the China Supplier 1000 Project that focuses on helping suppliers to develop their international business. He is the author of The China Casebook on Operational Risk and The Management Control of MNCs in China. Neale has developed corporate business cases for a number of large multinational companies including HTC, PQI, Philips, Delphi, and Alpharma. His cases are used extensively around the world, with over 8,000 purchases to date. Based on publications, citations and research grants, he is one of the leading management accounting researchers in Asia. He is an Associate Professor in Accounting at Hong Kong Baptist University and is also a member of the CIMA Research Board of Directors (UK) and a Corporate Social Responsibility judge for the HKMA Financial Reporting Awards. He has previously taught at City University of Hong Kong, The University of Hong Kong and The National University of Singapore.

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