Wednesday 16 November 2016
On track for the future: social and environmental awareness within the clothing industry

Coldsystem is a multi disciplinarylifestyle label that explores media as diverse as clothing through to music. Learn about the brands evolution and how it maintains relevant to its audience and purpose.

Gabriel is a motivated professional with experience in a variety of areas including textile sustainability & consultancy, textile & clothing design, international development, community development, PR and social media. Through managing his own business, his personable communication skills have helped him build strong relationships with a wealth of internal and external stakeholders on initiatives and campaigns.

His clothing label Coldsystem, a multidisciplinary lifestyle label based in Melbourne, explores the mediums of clothing, jewellery, music, photography and film design to address larger social and environmental issues.

He is currently in his second year of Social Science (Environments) at RMIT where his interests in social/ environmental sustainability, community development and the role of creative design in all of these areas intersects.

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