MIkeBellamy_headshot_LinkedinMIKE BELLAMY
China Sourcing Information Center (USA/China)

Wednesday 16 November 2016
Sourcing in China Today: Effective and affordable strategies for overcoming challenges old and new

Join this interactive session lead by one of Asia’s most experienced sourcing experts. Understand how the landscape is changing, where the opportunities lie and how to position your business to make the most of your off shore relationships.
Mike came to Asia in 1993 as an exchange student for what he planned would be a semester. He’s ended up staying! In a recent busy year, Mike was responsible for managing a 200 million USD supply chain on behalf of his clients at his boutique sourcing agency – PassageMaker.   A veteran of the sourcing industry, Mike serves as an advisor to startup as well as fortune 500 companies. His passion is protecting IP and Mike also serves on the board of advisors at AsiaBridgeLaw.com.

Interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, CNBC, China Daily & CNN. Profiled in the Financial Times article “A Foot in Both Cultures”

Check out the “Mike Bellamy China” channel on YouTube.

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