Global Sourcing Seminars

Join us at the Global Seminar Series 2022 taking place across the three days of the event from 15 – 17 November 2022.

This year we welcome a line-up of industry experts to help you navigate the world of global sourcing and build your knowledge.

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Emcee Patty Huntington,

Features and Fashion News Director of Harper’s BAZAAR Australia.

Longstanding Australian correspondent for US fashion newspaper WWD and media commentator.

2022 Program

Click the individual tabs below for each day to review the program in detail. All sessions run for 1 hour.

The Future Laboratory -Macro Trends -The Paralysis Paradox

10:00 – 11:00am

Hear The Future Laboratory ‘s latest macro trends with completely fresh content ready for release and presented for the first time in Australia.

Despite current doom-and-gloom scenarios we are about to be catapulted into a 20-year cycle of unrivalled innovation and new market opportunities.  Its time for brands, businesses, and Neo-collectivist communities to rebuild a society where the four 4Ls – legitimacy, leadership, longevity and legacy – matter. Discover how some brands are stepping up to realise this future, counter-pushing doomsayers, short-termism, indifference, and helplessness to re-establish common ground and embark on a journey of radical progression.

Rosanna Iacono, Foresight Analyst at The Future Laboratory and Managing Partner at The Growth Activists

Cost: $40 + gst

Why Conscious Fashion Matters

11:30 – 12:30pm

Conscious fashion is part of the sustainable fashion movement that aims to transform the global textile and apparel industry. It’s often referred to as eco-friendly fashion, ethical fashion, green fashion, or slow fashion. Learn how Brands and Businesses develop mindful pre and post-consumer supply chain and retail strategies that can equip businesses to thrive and embrace the future of fashion.


Panel Chair: Elizabeth Formosa, Founder & Fashion Business Strategist, Fashion Equipped


James Bartle, CEO, Outland Denim

Beth Glancey, Global Head of Partnerships & General Manager, ANZ AirRobe

Anthony Chesler, CEO, Thread Together

Cost: $40 + gst

The shifting sands of sustainability

1:00 – 2:00pm

The sustainability and ethical sourcing wheels are certainly spinning in 2022. New terms, new data, new tech, new legislation. What is the new normal for the fashion industry? For now, at least? Which tools and skills are fast becoming essential for brands to drive credible social and environmental impact? Join this presentation to get up to speed on the latest developments from around the globe and learn how the sector is shifting long held norms as it undergoes a wave of transformation. 

Melinda Tually, Director of strategic human rights and sustainability consultancy, Ndless: The New Normal

Cost: $40 + gst

How to ensure your Factory’s Values align with your Brand Values

2:30 – 3:30pm

It’s never been a more important time to ensure that your brand values align with those of your manufacturer. In this session, join Sourci’s Co-Founder and CEO Giovanni as he explores brand values such as sustainability, innovation and quality and the potential strengths and limitations within the manufacturing landscape. Learn about the tools and resources available to ensure that your manufacturer is ethical, sustainable, compliant, and able to meet the needs of your brand.

Giovanni Pino, Co-Founder and CEO, SOURCI

Cost: $40 + gst

An ongoing state of disruption: the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for retail

10:00 – 11:00am

Australian Retailers Association CEO Paul Zahra will address the current state of the retail industry, highlighting the ongoing state of disruption and the challenges & opportunities that lie ahead. Retail industry experts will join Paul for a Q & A panel.

Panel Chair: Paul Zahra, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Retailers Association

In conversation with a panel of leading Australian retail industry experts

Cost: $40 + gst

Product traceability

12:00 – 1:00pm

An increasing focus on product origin and the impact of fibre choices is driving digital innovation and the prioritisation of low carbon sourcing strategies. This session will explore the opportunities and challenges of traceability, shared accountability across the value chain and considerations for navigating the ever growing tech landscape in fashion supply chains.

Panel Chair: Melinda Tually, Director of strategic human rights and sustainability consultancy, Ndless: The New Normal


Kara Hurry, Director, Entente Agency & Chief Marketing Officer FibreTrace & Good Earth Cotton

Hannah Heading, Customer Care and Media Coordinator, Nudie Jeans Co Australia

Cost: $40 + gst

Global Supply Chains in a Post Pandemic World

2:00 – 3:00pm

The economic turmoil caused by the pandemic has wreaked havoc supply chains and exposed many vulnerabilities. What are some of the key lessons learnt over the past few years and how can they help to improve supply chains in a post pandemic world? What are some of the risks on the horizon and how can we navigate them? What are some tips and tricks to manage our supply chains most effectively into the future?

Our panel of experts from the logistics and retail sectors will answer these and other questions in a panel presentation jam packed with useful information. Learn how to help you streamline your global supply chain from experts in the sector.


Michael Muratore, Founder & Managing Director, Freight-World Corporation

Barry Joyce, Footwear Compliance & Sourcing Manager, Brand Collective

Wes McDiarmid, Director of the Victorian Freight and Logistics Council (VFLC) and Chairman of the Victorian Airfreight Working Group (VAWG)

Cost: $40 + gst

Protecting your IP

10:30 – 11:30am 

Have you ever wondered what is involved in registering a trade mark in Australia or overseas? Understanding what a trade mark is, how to seek trade mark protection and how to clear your mark for use in Australia and overseas is a critical part of building a successful business.  This seminar will discuss strong and weak trade marks, how to protect them and how to approach the use and protection of your mark overseas.

Anita Brown, Principal, Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick

Cost: $40 + gst

The power of transformation: how global apparel and textile industries are revitalising for a changed world

12:30 – 1:30pm

This panel discussion will explore changes in consumer sentiment, supply pressures and trade patterns, as well as regional and bilateral trade initiatives that directly impact you as a buyer. Learn how to capitalise on the innovative ways countries are seeking to become more competitive in a world still reeling from the pandemic and viewing such changes as positive disruption.

Cost: $40 + gst